Giving Up

Just finished having a discussion about the whole engagement and marriage thing and have decided it was for the best to go with what he wants. He doesn’t want to be engaged anytime soon and never wants to be married. One of us needed to compromise and I decided it was easier for me to be the one who forfeited what I wanted/needed so he was able to not feel pressured and also not like I was trying to make him do something he has never wanted.

It would be like him trying to make me do anal when I am not all up for it.

So I no longer want to get engaged or married. I made a promise to him. I KEEP MY PROMISES.

I will be buying a ring for me which I have already chosen and I will be happy with that. It is not the biggest or the most expensive ring, but I love it. So I am more then happy to purchase that for myself and pay it off over a year or 2.

I knew with my ex I was never going to ever get me a ring no matter how many times I looked in the jewelers windows with him. He was a real piece of works that one. He needs a whole blog on his own.

Anyway this is a happy blog. I have given up what I want to make my man happy and not pressured into something he doesn’t want to do. I feel numb about it. But that will pass. All feelings pass. I am told you cannot feel 1 entire emotion 100% of the time, I think it is only like 10 mins at a time that you feel one emotion. Something like that anyway. So I will more then likely be un-numb but the time I hit the save button on this little entry. šŸ™‚



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